Ostrich Skin Boots

Ostrich skin cowboy boots are the most popular style of exotic western boots. Ostrich cowboy boots are available in many different colors. Ostrich leather is available in Full Quill Ostrich, Partial or Half Quill Ostrich, and Smooth Leg Ostrich.

Smooth Leg Ostrich skin cowboy boots have become more available over the years as boot making techniques improved. However, most people still tend to buy Full Quill Ostrich boots. Sometimes you will find Smooth Leg Ostrich leather used on the tops. The most popular vamp (feet) and top combination is Full Quill Ostrich on the vamp and Calf skin for the tops.

Expect to pay from $400 US for off-the-shelf Ostrich boots to $2500 US for custom design, custom fit and custom made Ostrich cowboy boots.