Full Quill Ostrich or Smooth Ostrich

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What is better Full Quill Ostrich or Smooth Leg Ostrich? Well…it depends! How is that for an answer?

But it really does. You can get some great looking smooth ostrich boots for less money typically than full quill ostrich boots. You may also see less wear or scuffing on a smooth ostrich vamp due to the lack of quills. Both smooth ostrich and full quill ostrich have similar strength and lifetime wear profiles.

So smooth ostrich boots are durable and are a great value overall so why would one choose full quill? you probably already know the answer..

I like the grained look of smooth ostrich for sure but alot of folks can’t tell smooth ostrich from calfskin unless they look real close. Full quill ostrich boots, on the other hand have a very distinctive and recognizable look from a distance.

Full quill ostrich boots are generally more upscale than smooth ostrich and typically have more style put into the tops. They make great dress boots. Although some folks wear them everyday.


A great look we have seen is Full Quill Ostrich on the vamps and Smooth Leg Ostrich on the tops.

so as I said at the outset it depends on what you are looking for. If you are just looking for durable, good looking boots that also happen to be ostrich then smooth ostrich will work just fine. However if you want the distinctive look of ostrich leather, then you have to go full quill all the way.